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Stick Packs (500mg)

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Add an extra dimension of wellness to any drink with our Beverage Enhancement Sticks. Mix with your chosen beverage any time from morning to night to achieve your desired effect. Elevate your cup of joe with our Coffee Sweetener, refresh with our bright and citrusy Cucumber Yuzu, or enjoy the sweet flavors of Orange Mango. For more targeted effects, try our Daytime Plus Immunity Support with caffeine and Vitamin C, and drift off to sleep accompanied by our Nighttime Plus Valerian & Chamomile formula.

Your CBD Store

In terms of service, we came into this brand due to our own wellness journey, and we believe firmly in what this product can do for your quality of life, because we have experienced it for ourselves.

If you have questions, if you need some guidance, or you want to tell your story, please feel free to reach out to us via email, social media, or a phone call!

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